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UPS interactiv 2000VA cu iesire sinus

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Braun Group - UPS 2000 SIN -30 MIN

UPS interactiv cu iesire sinus

UPS interactiv cu iesire sinus, 2000VA, back-up 30min, afisaj LCD,

cutie exterioara pentru acumulatori 4x38AH, negru


Braun Group UPS-2000 SIN-LCD - 2000VA Long back-up Pure sin wave line interactive UPS


Microprocessor-based Digital Control

Wide Input Voltage and Frequency Range

Pure Sine Wave Output Waveform

External battery cabinet 4x38 AH

Self detection of Input Frequency (50Hz/60Hz)

Battery Self Diagnosis

Full AVR

Switch ON and OFF Automatically

Humanized Audio Alarm

Full Protection against Overload, Short Circuit etc.

High Speed of In-phase transfer

No Load Shut Off function In INV mode (optional)

Intelligent Communication Ports Available( RS232/USB/SNMP)


VA Rating .: 2000VA

Real Power Rating : 1200W


Indicator on Panel: LCD plus LED display

AC Mode

Types Of Load : Ancillary equipments such as PC, display, group computers and so on

Input Voltage: 165Vac ~ 280Vac / 145Vac-280Vac(optional)

Input Frequency: 45-65 Hz( transfer to battery mode if out of this range)

Output voltage: 190-245Vac

Efficiency : ≥ 96% (AC Mode)

Overload in AC mode:

110% transfer to bypass within 60sec;

120% transfer to bypass within 30sec;

Automatically recovery if decrease the load capacity.

Short Circuit: Protected by Input Fuse

Inverter Mode

Output Voltage : 220Vac± 5%

Output Frequency : 50HZ/60HZ ± 1% self-detection

Output P.F : ≥0.6

Output Waveform : Pure Sine Wave

Waveform Distortion : Liner Load ≤ 5%

Battery Backup Time : ≥ 30min (PC load)

Transfer Time : Typical value 5ms, Max: 8ms

Efficiency : ≥ 80(INV Mode)

Overload in INV mode :

110% Shut down within 60sec;

120% Shut down within 5sec;

Short Circuit : ≥20ms System shut down automatically


AC abnormal : Once every 4sec, be silent after 40s

Battery low : Once every 0.2sec

Overload : Once every 1sec


DC voltage : 48V

Configuration : 4×12V 38AH

Recharge Time : 90% Capacity after 8hours

Communication : RS232/USB/SNMP(can be set to turn on/off UPS automatically)

External battery cabinet 4x38 AH


Output Sockets : Customized upon request

IP Level : IP20

Ambient Temperature : 0℃~ 40℃

Ambient Humidity : 10%~90% (No Condensing)

Noise : ≤50dB (1m)

Dimension (mm) : 430×145×215

Packing Dimension(mm) : 510×325×245

Net Weight (kg) : 18.5

Gross Weight (kg) : 19.5